Stream Netflix or Showmax on an uncapped connection at R460 per month on our NewQ Orange connection.
Play games, watch Netflix, perform online banking and update Windows seamlessly all simultaneously on our NewQ Green connection at R920 per month.
Prepaid or contract option to suit your budget.

NEWQ connections

This product uses intelligent traffic management to ensure that you have a pleasant experience while using your home connection, irrespective of other network activities.

WDSL Solutions

Some users prefer a pure raw, connection where certain traffic types are not classified or prioritised above other. These users prefer to manage their network utilisation manually .


We offer various options on installation to suite your budget. Either sign a 24 month contract, or pay once off without any obligations or commitment.


We pride ourselves on a fast and efficient turnaround time, ensuring that our clients have optimal up-time. Our business is to make sure that our clients’ internet runs smoothly and effectively, every day.

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