Do you require ADSL? But you cannot get it, or not willing to deal with the big blue corporate? Are you tired of stolen cables and downtime?

Our WDSL product is more reliable than the traditional ADSL and with our excellent service and support, you can rely on quick resolution of problems, so there’s no need to go through a 15 minute ticketing system to report an error.

Why Wicotel’s WDSL instead of traditional ADSL?

Well first of, Wicotel is a lot better, for many reasons. First of all, we don’t have copper lines that get stolen, so by network design, we don’t face this kind of downtime. Then, of course, our service is a lot better.

In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, the technician is in most cases within 24 hours at the customer. This is in comparison to the Big Blue where you wait anything from 2 to 6 weeks.

Finally, unlike traditional ADSL, you can upgrade WDSL to something better should you need a more powerful connection.

Wicotel Supreme Internet Connection

Our supreme product is a 1:1 contented, uncapped link where you pay for your internet speed, without a Fair Usage Policy.

Supreme internet connectivity sells at R800 per Mbps per month.


With both our products an initial once off installation fee of R1990 is applicable. This includes an antenna to link to our highsite and terminates in a single ethernet network port.

Exceptions: Sometimes a special bracket is required or some additional cabling, which might slightly increase the installation cost. The installation cost of R1950 serves as a guideline that is applicable to 80% of our installations.

If you sign a 24 month contract on the WDSL2 product, you will pay R900 pm (Instead of R800 pm) and pay NO installation costs. All packages are pre-paid and contracts are payable in advance.

LAN Configuration

An installation terminates in a single ethernet port. Should the subscriber have existing Wi-Fi equipment or ADSL modems, we can re-utilise the WI-FI. But re-programming an ADSL or 3G modem would imply that it will no longer be working with the ADSL ISP or SIM card. 


Network cabling is the cheapest option in distributing your LAN. However labour charge could make it quite expensive should time consuming neatness be involved in pulling it through the ceiling or glueing it to the walls. A standard installation only includes a maximum of 8m network cabling.


Wireless is a quick, clean setup.  It also adds the benefit of linking all tablets, smartphones and other devices that only supports wireless networking.  Should the user not already have an existing wifi router, we can supply one at a minmal fee.

Coverage Area

Currently we span about 120 square kilometers in the far north eastern area of Pretoria. This includes but is not necessarily limited to:

Boekenhoutskloof, Kameelfontein, Kameeldrift, Leeuwfontein, Baviaanspoort, Derdepark, Doornpoort, Montana, Rynoue, Buffelsdrift, Spioenkop, Waverley, Villieria & Rietfontein.

Coverage Map -This map serves as a guideline only. Please complete coverage request form to confirm coverage.

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